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Take control of your credit!

Credit LaunchPad is here to help you build business credit by utilizing tools, resources and strategies developed by credit experts and lending professionals.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a business profile
  • Build A+ business credit
  • Access your personal and business credit reports
  • Find a business credit card from one of our partners

How Can Credit LaunchPad Help You?

Credit Reports

Your credit score says a lot about you.  Having an excellent credit score can make the difference between propelling your business forward and watching it sit stagnant.  Low credit scores can limit your buying power and cause increased interest rates on your purchases.  Checking your credit report at least once a year will eliminate costly errors and ensure optimal loan terms as your business grows.  Credit reports allow you pro-actively manage debt and monitor fraudulent accounts, make swift changes to protect your credit score. 

Credit Cards

Understanding credit cards and how to effectively manage your purchases are important elements of growing your business and credit - but with all the creative offers, it can be difficult to determine the best cards for you.  Whether it's low interest rates, no annual fees or reward options; Credit LaunchPad will guide you through the maze and analyze each credit card to recommend offers from our partners. 


Small businesses begin through various forms of financing.  Often, personal savings and owner assets are utilized to launch small businesses, which becomes challenging to sustain once a certain growth rate has been achieved.  Financing is a critical part of a small business and almost always a large concern for business owners.  Credit LaunchPad can help you discover the best business credit or investment solutions to finance your business growth.


Many people who are seeking new business start up funding, often have little access to the tools and resources needed to properly build credit or position themselves for successful funding.  Credit LaunchPad will help educate and guide you through business funding, giving you access to effective credit line options and showing you how to obtain alternative funding for your business.  Take the confusion out of funding and let Credit LaunchPad drive you to success.